CURRENT WEATHER MAPS BELOW: INTERACTIVE AND WORLD WIDEAt this time, the current weather map shows temperatures and current conditions only for the points indicated by the numbered circles only. Live radar does not appear on this map. For live radar, click on any of numerous radar links that you will find on this page. "Current weather maps" are most useful for seeing what the current temperatures, wind speeds, humidity levels, and weather conditions are in Big Snow Country. Also, since you can change the zoom and also since you can drag and drop where the map is to anywhere around the entire planet Earth., you can see what the current conditions are anywhere on Earth. Hover over but do not click a station (a station is anywhere there is a temperature number) to get the current conditions for that station.

To get the weather forecast for a station, you will be clicking twice. First, click on any station, which will bring up the current conditions in a larger window than comes up when you just hover with the mouse. Then, you click "get the forecast," to get the weather forecast for that station. Another window will open with that forecast. The Big Snow Country window will remain open.

As mentioned previously, these maps are interactive, which means you can find out what the current conditions are anywhere. Here are the primary controls for using these maps:

Drag and drop your mouse to move the map without using the arrows.
Click the arrow pointing right to move east
Click the arrow pointing left to move west
Click the arrow pointing up to move north
Click the arrow pointing down to move south
Click the + arrow to zoom in
Click the - arrow to zoom out
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